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Shenzhen JAK Medical Technology Co.,Ltd.

  Shenzhen Junankang Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2004. It is a professional company dedicated to the research and development, production of smart medical products. A national high-tech enterprise integrating production, sales and service. The main products are: intelligent physical examination management system, self-service terminal (silver Yitong), Yizhangtong, hospital self-service printing center, new medical film (laser, thermal, inkjet), electronic cloud film, medical film Like picture printers (laser, thermal, inkjet), self-service film pickers. In 2015, he received a strategic investment from the well-known venture capital Xiantong Capital. In the same year, he obtained equity investment from Shenzhen Science and Technology Bureau. The company has a number of national invention patents, utility model patents, design patents, software copyrights and trademark copyrights. Simultaneously Possessing two certificates of medical device production license and operating license, it is the National Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Primary Health Care Foundation, Shenzhen Strategic partners of well-known international and domestic enterprises and institutions such as Mindray Medical, Shenzhen ZTE, Shanghai United Imaging, etc., have Henan Provincial People’s Hospital, Zhengzhou People’s Hospital, Shenzhen People’s Hospital, Hebei University of Engineering Affiliated Hospital, Shenyang Army General Hospital, Shenzhen Bao’an District People’s Hospital The hospital, Hainan Sanya People's Hospital, Jiujiang City People's Hospital, Zibo Central Hospital and other hundreds of medical institutions across the country are quality customers. 2019 The company's self-service tablet machine won the top ten brands of China's medical self-service machine.