Self-service medical equipment manufacturer


1. Self-service film machine

After checking, found that the report was wrong? Worried about information leakage during the reporting period? Feeling annoyed after taking the film for too long? ……Now, these problems will no longer bother you. Jiaweishi electronic industrial touch all-in-one machine helps you realize self-service film picking, which is efficient and accurate. The user can obtain the film and report by scanning the bar code, so that special personnel can be used to avoid the embarrassment caused by the patient with the same name by mistakenly taking the report, and it is convenient for the patient to allocate the diagnosis and treatment time. At the same time, it also saves the working time of the department staff and improves the work efficiency of the department. The film picker has the advantages of fast speed, clear image quality, high recognition, and can print continuously.

2. Queuing machine

The "queuing machine" for short "the number machine" is a machine that can effectively avoid long queues and provides convenience for customers when handling business. At the same time, customers only need to pick up the ticket on the touch screen of the queuing machine when handling the business. The ticket has the number, the number of people waiting, the time, and the type of business handled. At this time, customers can wait in the rest area. During this time, customers only need to pay attention to the number of the display speakers. When the customer hears his number is called, just go ahead and apply.

3. Medical equipment terminal

The nurse opens the smart medicine cabinet through fingerprint verification, takes out the dispensed medicine according to the instructions of the system, and sends it directly to each patient. At first glance, there is not much difference between the "smart medicine cabinet" and the ordinary medicine cabinet. You can see rows of small drawers containing medicine through the glass door. Unlike ordinary medicine cabinets, there is also an industrial touch panel computer in the medicine cabinet, with indicator lights for each row of drawers.

A nurse demonstrated how to use it. She touched the password screen with her finger, the fingerprint was checked correctly, and the glass door was unlocked. The nurse found a patient's name on the screen and confirmed that the light above one drawer was on. She opened the drawer and took out a small bag of medicine. Then, she took out another bag of medicine from another lighted drawer.

The prescription information issued by the doctor will reach the system of the pharmacy and the smart medicine cabinet. In the pharmacy, the automatic medicine dispenser dispenses the medicines, and the pharmacist puts them into the drawer of the medicine cabinet. Nurses can also see doctor's orders and prescriptions on the electronic screen in the medicine cabinet. However, if you want to open the smart medicine cabinet, you must confirm with fingerprints, and you can only open the small box containing the pre-selected medicine. After the medicine is taken out, the small drawer is immediately locked.

In response to the requirements of the National Ministry of Health on the management of special medicines in hospitals, Jiaweishi specially designed the intelligent medicine cabinet embedded industrial tablet computer to meet the needs of large medical enterprises. The smart medicine cabinet adopts a combination of fingerprint lock and electronic code lock, double double lock double opening to ensure safety. Embedded industrial tablet computer with camera can take pictures in real time, touch screen operation, and information management of stored items.

The industrial touch panel computer solution, highly integrated drug dispensing management and clinical information data interaction system cooperation, improve the work efficiency of medical staff, ensure data accuracy, strictly control special drugs, improve the intelligent level of medical equipment, and realize a modern medical system.

The intelligent medicine cabinet system automatically receives prescription data through the seamless link with HIS, and displays the current location, name, specification and quantity of the medicine needed according to the prescription data in real time. The LED lights up to remind the pharmacist to get the medicine conveniently and quickly. Greatly improve the efficiency of the pharmacist and reduce the error rate of taking medicine.

“Nurses dispense medicines to patients according to prescriptions, and have to run to the pharmacy. If you use this medicine cabinet, the dispensing process will be easier, which will not only save time, but also prevent errors.” A director of the Pharmaceutical Equipment and Materials Management Department Said so.