Medical self-service terminals can help you solve those problems?


can provide the printing function of the second-generation ID card information

automatic entry function

When filling in forms that require customer identity information and account information, you can automatically fill in customer identity information and account information by swiping the second-generation ID card and passbook, such as name, self-service terminal, address, issuing authority, account information, etc. Reduce the items manually input by customers and improve the accuracy of input information

Full screen handwriting function

The content that needs to be handwritten by the customer can be handwritten in full screen on the touch screen display. Handwriting can be filled in Chinese, English, numbers, letters, single characters, and multiple characters at the same time without switching the input method.

Account and account name automatic verification function

For special services, such as remittances, the remitter and the remittance account can automatically determine whether the filled account number matches the account name, and the account name does not match automatically. For example: when a customer fills in a remittance form, if the account number and account name are filled in, the system automatically prompts that the account name does not match when saving, and the form cannot be completed.

According to the needs of electronic banking, the unified queuing system and the interface calls of various electronic channels are used to realize the requirements of unified remote queuing, remote reservation queuing, and queuing changes.

Through online banking, telephone banking, mobile banking and other e-banking channels, it is possible to reserve outlet resources such as queuing numbers, VIP financial rooms, and customer managers. At the same time, customers can inquire about the distribution information of bank branches, the types of services opened by the branches, and the queuing information of the branches, and provide suggestions on the shortest distance from the customer, the shortest business processing time, and the comprehensive business network.

and provide remote filling and queuing services. The pre-appointment system provides unified access to mobile banking and Internet portals through interfaces.

When the reservation customer arrives at the scene, enter the reservation number through each terminal system, and the system automatically prints the reservation ticket number.

Counter software calling system

Through the transformation of the queuing system of the outlets, the queuing functions such as the number calling and display of the counter software, and the remote assistance of the lobby manager to obtain the number are realized.

Junankang medical self-service terminal manufacturer, the self-service terminal is based on the system design concept of "24 hours self-service", which can alleviate the problem of excessive traffic in traditional business halls, make up for the shortcomings of the original business hours, and prevent customers from handling in the business hall Business worries make customers feel relaxed, convenient and considerate service. The self-service terminal of the business hall is an extension and supplement to the service of the business hall. Users in the financial industry can perform account inquiries, self-service transfers, statement printing, re-issuance, and self-service loss reporting services; users in the communications industry can perform self-service mobile phone shutdown (return) and phone bill inquiries by entering their phone number through the terminal Printing, payment, invoice printing, caller ID, GPRS and other basic business start and stop processing; you can also buy mobile phone cards, password recharge receipts. Through value-added development, other value-added services such as commodity purchase can also be realized through supporting equipment. The equipment has the advantages of saving personnel expenses, reducing operating costs, continuous working for 24 hours, and error-free operation. It can be placed in public places such as telecommunications business halls, toll collection points, stations, docks, airports, large shopping malls, etc.

Junankang medical self-service terminal manufacturer, self-service terminals are mainly used to alleviate the problem of large crowds in business halls and increase the speed of business processing. They are mainly used in banking, telecommunications, electricity, medical, aviation, retail and other industries. With the development of society, self-service terminals have become more and more widely used. Self-service terminal devices such as bank ATM machines, POS machines, and queuing number machines are favored by many industries, not * because of the self-service terminal equipment itself. The convenient services here are also an indispensable product of social and economic development. In recent years, with the popularization of Internet technology, industries such as finance, medical care, and transportation have increasingly demanded self-service terminal service equipment.